Cosmetology Beauty School

Cosmetology courses are for everyone whose aim is to learn the secrets of modern cosmetology and develop the skills of a cosmetologist.

It is a perfect choice for those who are intended to get an interesting, fascinating and a various specialization in the industry of beauty. The cosmetologist’s goal is to improve people well-being and maintain healthy body and skin.

Cosmetology lessons are held by highly skilled teachers who have a wide experience of practical work. Cosmetology courses training is developed by teacher staff of the cosmetology beauty school and include an essential number of theoretical and practical lessons to obtain all necessary knowledge and practical skills for a successful work as a cosmetologist.

The program of training contains basics of medical knowledge, sanitation and hygiene, dermatology, classical cosmetology, machine cosmetology, facial and body treatments. While training only professional beauty products, materials and accessories of brands SOTA and Indi Nails are used.

Cosmetology beauty school offers summer cosmetology courses for students who cannot attend full course training and have a busy schedule. It is a way to learn fundamentals of the course and to earn diploma.

All courses are fully accredited by the KHDA, Dubai, UAE.

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