Hair Style Training

Hair courses provide an opportunity for persons interested to take courses in hair cutting, hair design and hair style training. These courses are for those who have calling and creative energies thus this is a creative profession and demands imagination.

Hair courses are an opportunity to master a new profession, to gain knowledge, to master the theoretical part of specialization, to acquire practice and get professional skills which will be improved in the further work.

Hair courses include specialized information in theory and practice.

Hair design courses provide hair style training in layering techniques, required tools and products of INDI NAILS, creation of different hair designs. Future specialists learn all modern techniques, unique technologies of hair cutting, hair styling according to the latest trends, to create a unique effective look for a person taking into account hair properties and the shape of the face. He must be able to create hair design for any occasion.

Besides hair cutting courses provide information about tools and equipment. The hairdresser uses a variety of special tools for haircuts, feathering, styling, thermal and chemical waving. He should be able to apply and maintain it properly.

During practice the students have opportunity to use gained theory in practice and develop their work skills.

All courses are fully accredited by the KHDA, Dubai, UAE.

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