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1.Ultrasonic waves generate high frequency microscopic bubbles create an intense scrubbing action on surfaces of items.Remove dirt and grime without tedious manual cleaning by hand.2.Extremely easy to operate with an automatic shut-off feature to conserve electricity...
KEY FEATURES● size: 90х40х15 mm● stainless steel● can be used for disinfection and storage of tools..
Ultra glossy top coat with shimmers without sticky residueUnique formula for scratch resistance and high gloss finish! Curing time LED/UV - 60sec/120sec..
Glam Lux Super Shine Top Coat no wipe, gives a incredible shiny gloss finish.Does not turn french manicure to yellow.Does not leave paint from clothes.Does not become dirty for 4-5 weeks...
File the top layer off the nails first with 100/180 grit file.Made in GermanyVolume 500 ml..
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