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Glam Profi BUILD BASE ROSE 15ml

Glam Profi BUILD BASE ROSE 15ml
Glam Profi BUILD BASE ROSE 15ml
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  • Model: Glam Profi
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The NEW Balance Builder In A Bottle, breaks the mold. A Hard gel System in a Bottle, with the strength you expect from the Balance Gel System. Balance Builder In A Bottle is a LED and UV curable hard gel system that you can use to extend the nail, natural nail overlays and more.

Balance LED/UV Gel System is user-friendly and offers the nail technician the option to do natural nail overlays, tip and overlays, sculpting on a form and indestructible pedicures.

•Maximum product control and incredible workability.
•The thicker viscosity is perfect for warmer environments.
•Holds shape, but still self levels.
•Can be used for any length natural nails or tip and overlays.
•Can also be used in thin layers to sculpt on a form.
•Cures to a higher shine then standard Builder Gels.
•Cure in Dual Cure Lamp, LED for 30 seconds or UV for 2 minutes.