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Glam LUX Crystal Clear

Glam LUX Crystal Clear
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Glam LUX Crystal Clear
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  • Model: Glam LUX
  • Weight: 15.00г
  • Dimensions: 0.00см x 0.00см x 0.00см
- Low to medium viscoity, crystal clear
- Usable as brush-on gel as well as builder gel
- Resistant to mechanical stress
- Perfect adhesion on natural nail in combination with Rubber base
- Non-yellowing
- Colour stable
- Non- lifting
- Pinchable
- Curing in UV: 2 min LED: 90 sec
- Handling with artificial and natural hair brush
- Easy treatment
- Easy handling
- Strengthening of natural nails
- Tip technique
- Shape technique
- Refill

Made in Germany