Sota® package includes not only the best quality and safest raw materials from around the world, but also the years of creativity multiplied by talent.


We present for the Nail Technicians a new Discovery - Materials for creativity in manicure, collected under the innovative trade mark Sota®, created by Anna Ozolina and her team. All materials are tested by Anna and the OZA instructors from different regions and countries, approved and recommended for the manicurists as convenient, easy-to-use and high-quality material.


The Sota® brand is a real tool for masterpieces creation.


The name Sota® did not come up by chance. After all, the bee is a symbol of diligence and diligence. It’s a symbol of irreverent love for its work and desire to bring the matter to a close. And it's not a secret that the nail artist likewise a bee works tirelessly, creating each his day as another masterpiece of manicure. Sometimes the inspiration of the manicurist almost requires obsession and courage. And for the working days of Bees to be painted in bright colors, the OZA team brought to light products with an epiphany name and a direct conceptual goal - to provide creative bees with the necessary tools for creating their own special Honeycomb. Honeycomb, which will give each nail technician individuality and will give inspiration for every day.


We build the Honeycomb of our dreams and invite you to join our territory of Creativity.

Sota® are products for creative artists who are prone to self-development and advancement in the profession of "Nail Technician".


Sota® is an excellent quality, based on the safe ingredients of raw materials for the production of our products.


Sota® is the functionality of a series of materials designed to maximize the creative process of the Artist.


The young brand has already established itself as an interesting project in the modern manicure materials industry. And while the range of products is not that wide, there are many new in-demand positions ahead.


At the core of the Sota® Concept is the basic idea: providing our students and instructors with quality materials for manicure, modeling and nail design. Our company and representatives in cities do not sell Sota® materials to people who do not have the manicure mastery. In order to buy our products, you must present a certificate of Nail Technician. Only OZA Instructor can become a representative of Sota®. On our instructor courses the nail technicians are trained on our products that gives an excellent knowledge of the material.

Sota® plans to regularly replenish its range of products with the most essential products for professional use. The concept of Sota® is reflected in all spheres of its activity - from the purchase of raw materials, the development of design and packaging, to their distribution in accordance with our business model. Our goal is to help as many artists as possible demonstrate their proficiency and create their own personality.


Our audience of buyers is educated, curious and purposeful artists, able to appreciate the invested efforts in creating the first brand for our "bees".


Anna Ozolina

An international trainer and founder of the OZA school.

Founder of the first Russian brand SOTA with a European quality standard.